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The difference between Technical Support and Sales Support

By on Aug 11, 2017 in Tips

Technical support

Just what is the difference between technical support and sales support?

Not all support is the same.
Some places are happy to give you free advice but it always leads to trying to sell you something. Just go to any of the big retailers and ask them if you should replace your computer and the answer is going to lead to either a yes or buy blah blah. Most places don’t even have a qualified technician for you to get technical support advice from. Just sales people with minimal knowledge. Try it out for yourself sometime. Go into a computer place and ask for real detail about a computer eg. How many sticks of ram are in this machine?, How many can it take and what size?. Very quickly you will discover they don’t know any more than you would have learned by reading the label. They just make it sound better. Getting advice from a sales person is like asking a drug dealer if its a good idea for you to give it a try. Yet so many people go to a sales person for advice rather than a Technician. If you wanted to know if the car you were looking at buying was actually a piece of crap, you would ask a mechanic, not the sales person.
Well when it comes to computers you are lucky to have US :). At Your PC Guy we don’t have any sales people at all. All technical support and advice will always come from a fully qualified Technician. We don’t have a shopfront, so we don’t have stock we are constantly trying to sell. We are all about the service.
So next time you need technical support or advice feel free to contact us. All advice is free, and if you need someone to do the job, We’re here for you.
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