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Should you go SSD? And what the hell is one anyway?

By on Sep 11, 2019 in Tips

An SSD is a Solid State Drive. Basically a Hard drive with no moving parts. An SSD is super fast in comparison to a standard Hard drive because it does not have to physically move anything to find the information you request. For comparison a standard Hard drive (HDD) reads and writes information at (roughly) up to 180 MB/sec. An SSD reads and writes at around 500 MB/s (roughly). So replacing your C drive with an SSD can have a huge impact on the speed at which your computer operates.

So why not change to an SSD?  Well one reason is they cost quite a bit more than a Std HDD and don’t hold as much data for the money you pay. However Std HDD’s don’t cost much at all these days so you could afford to have an SSD for your programs to run from and a std HDD as your data storage location.

Apart from the cost and limited storage of an SSD, there is the issue of data recovery. Because SSD’s are not magnetic media like a HDD, nothing is left behind when something is erased. So if you accidently delete something from an SSD, its gone for good. Someday someone may find a way to recover data from an SSD but I haven’t found a successful method yet. So if you go to an SSD and you decide to keep data on it, make sure you backup after EVERY SINGLE USE.

Another issue is life span. Many people think that because they are microchips with no moving parts,  they won’t wear out. SSD’s are only good for X number of writes before they die. That number is generally in the millions but it is there none the less. Remember, the computer is reading and writing things all the time. Its not just what you save that gets written to the drive.

SSD Solid State Drive
SSD Solid State Drive
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