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Sex online… are you protected?

Sex online… are you protected?

By on Oct 31, 2016 in Tips

Its not only real sex that can give you a nasty surprise.

Many people deny it, but porn really is a major part of internet usage. Clicking on anything and everything without knowing the risks can get you into more than just hot water with your spouse. It is vitally important to have protection in the cyber world as it is in the real world.  If you are determined to visit these sites then at least look after yourself. Many dodgy porn sites carry virus’ and bad links to sites that will con you out of your money.

To protect yourself from the sort of infection you could get from a dodgy site you need more than a “Free” antivirus. Get yourself a good premium antivirus that will protect you from a malicious web site. There are a few good ones out there which I would highly recommend researching before you purchase. At Your PC Guy, we recommend and supply AVG Cloud Care.

The other thing you should have is something to stop the nasty pop ups and collection of data from the site you are visiting. I personally use an add on called Ghostery. Ghostery will stop many things from turning up on the page you a viewing and collection of information.

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