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Backups.. or What are you willing to lose?

By on Mar 22, 2017 in Tips


Backups are so important and yet so many people don’t do them.

Just to be clear, a backup is a duplicate of something you have in another location. For example, if you have a photo on your computer and you make a backup of it to a CD, you now have that photo on your computer AND the CD. But if you delete it from the computer, the CD is now the primary source and only location of the photo. The photo is no longer backed up anywhere. If that CD is destroyed, you will lose your photo for ever.

The best way to perform your backups is to have it automated by a backup program.

There are various ways to backup your files. CD, DVD, USB memory stick, External Hard Drive, Cloud storage, just a few off the top of my head. All have different advantages and disadvantages. The method we advise at Your PC Guy for home users is external Hard drive (ext HDD). Get into the habit of backing up your data after each time you are finished with you computer for the day, because in the end it comes down to “How much data are your willing to lose?”


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